Thursday, April 8, 2010

I love this weather!

First off, let me say a big "hello!" to my new friend Aurora and her family up in Alaska!

The weather here in Colorado has been great these past few days. Today I hopped on Red bareback, without a saddle, and let him eat some fresh grass on a riding trail while the dogs ran around and got some exercise. It was so nice! It was over 60 degrees out.

Below are some pictures from this week, just the daily sights.

Red eating dinner. When almost all of his grain is gone, he bites the side of the dish and shakes it to move the remaining grain to the middle of the dish. It's too funny to see.

This is our shadow. What a pretty day!

No saddle, just hanging out, Red is eating grass.

Red loves to come in the garage and beg for treats!

This Sunday I think we are going to our first lesson and getting a chance to school our first cross country course. I'm so excited!!

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