Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Placed in a Holding Pattern

Red just gave himself 2 weeks off by puncturing the upper inside of his forearm. I have no clue what he could have done it on. He is in a 4-board white vinyl fence pasture that might as well be a padded cell. No sharp objects, debris, or random metal in the pasture. But he's that type of horse. Give him a stick of butter and he's slice himself open with it somehow. Regardless, he's got the next 2 weeks off until it heals. It's deep enough, very swollen, and he was in pain. The only good thing is he did it in the night before the vet was scheduled to show up at 8:30am for spring shots. So, no extra vet trip fees, yay! Either way, it's coming out of Red's allowance.

Pics were taken about 8 hours after the vet was there and cleaned it up.

1 comment:

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