Monday, March 9, 2009

He arrived safe and sound!

Well he finally arrived! He got here a little after 10:00 pm on Saturday, March 7. The big rig trailer pulled up, opened the door, and I thought I was going to burst! I asked if I could walk up and see him and they said yes. I saw the white snip before anything, and then his eyes looking around wondering where he was. He had 3 trailer stalls to himself, basically a box. They said all he did was eat the entire trip which made me happy.

I put his halter on and walked him down the ramp. We stood in the driveway while he looked around. I wanted to estimate how tall he was on level ground (the concrete driveway) and my guess is he's 16.0 or 16.1 hh. He looked pretty skinny and looked like he had a small frame, but I still loved him instantly. We stood in the driveway for a bit as we looked each other over, and then it was time to get to his new paddock.

He dove into his hay right away and had no interest in his grain. He seemed very patient and not very frazzled after being on a trailer for 3 days straight. It was cold so I wanted to put his blanket on since he does not have a proper Colorado winter coat. He didn't care about the blanket at all. He didn't even flinch.
My neighbor to the east has a mini-pony and a mini-donkey, and Red was real interested in them. The mini's ran over and ran the fence line, and Red joined them bragging about how much faster he was. He went back to eating and I stood in the field with him for about another hour, until I couldn't feel my face anymore, then it was time for bed. I couldn't wait to see him in the morning.

More tomorrow....

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