Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Warming Up!

The forecast for the next week has temps in the 70's. I hope the warm weather holds out for a while because I'd love to work with Red a lot in the coming days. It made it to 59 today, but it felt a lot nicer than that.

I gave Red another neck bath with the MicroTek shampoo. I really want that stuff to clear up. I know it takes time, but he's been washed 3 times in a week (twice with the special shampoo) so I hope to be seeing an improvement here soon. He's not a big fan of baths yet and I'm sure the cold water isn't helping. He will stand for anything except a bath.

I also bought a detangler (show sheen) spray because his tail is a tangled mess. After his bath I let him loose to roll and he did. Then I brought him back to work on that tail of his. He stood during that just fine, no problems, and his tail is beautiful and tangle free (until he find the tumbleweeds again).

It's a lazy sleepy Saturday. Pics are of Red taking a nap today on the west side of his pasture. Kristina is going to let me borrow her Wintec saddle and a spare bridle so I may even get around to tacking him up and taking him for a walk while the weather is nice. We'll see!

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